Welcome to SarahMarieHolmes.com!! Here is my place to share with you all my passions, including family, food and fun!! I’m a stay at home mother of two, and wife to an amazing husband, father, son, grandson, web developer, graphic designer, Army sargeant, and skills trainer!! Yep, he does it all folks! So needless to say he has built me this awesome site to pool together all my passions and share them with you!!

Women’s Series Part 1: Women’s Roles in Religion

Gender has always been somewhat of a controversial subject when it comes to holding positions of authority or leadership. While there are positions of authority that I feel are personally held best by females, there are some that are best held by males, or even...

Junk Mail Coupons

What day is it!?  What DAY is it!  HUMP Day!!  Oh man, that commercial is so annoying, but whoever created it sure knows how to get something stuck in your brain!  Anyways, there's another reason I look forward to Wednesdays each week.  Noon is usually nap time at our...

Skinny Mini Pizzas!!

If there's one thing our family cannot resist...it's PIZZA!!!  Especially my oldest son!  I'm pretty sure he would eat it every day all day! So the other day for lunch he asks if he can have some pizza...and my shoulders just fell, cause we had just eaten our last...

Sugar Scrubs

So I tried my hand, my rough and dry hands, at my own sugar scrub.  To my surprise, most of the instructions I found online were super easy, and I already had all the ingredients in my pantry.  Now before you go assuming that my pantry is full of all these exotic...

Just a little about the site and where things are…You can read more about me personally on the about page. Occassionally I’ll put updates here on big life events going on in our world!! The Blog is a special place to me! Here I’m hoping to update weekly, but most likely will be on a monthly basis. I have lots of family not on Facebook or other social websites, so here is my special place to share photos and updates on the family and kids. The Articles portion of my blog will be articles that I have written personally and shared on other sites. My husband runs a website called FreedomSystem.org, a mostly political website with many different writers sharing their thoughts, opinions and views on the current issues impacting our world today. It truly is an unbiased site in my opinion as all our writers try to explain their thoughts from all sides. To find out more, head to the site and read up!! I’m also starting another website called “Healthy Mind and Soul”. It too is a “.org” site where myself and a few other writers will be pooling together different articles to help those who are looking for some self help advice, coping skills, and just general information about having a healthy mind and soul. This site is currently under construction, so there isn’t much up yet…but check back, and I will be updating you on when we put things up!!

My resume is up here for all to share and scrutinize over. From past experience to current positions, educational information and how to get a hold of me, you can get to know me a little more professionally here. Soon I will have a downloadable PDF version of my resume for all to share if a position comes up that may interest me in the future!

My Recipes section will be my most attended to section. As explained earlier, one of my passions is food and cooking!! I have had no formal training other than what I have picked up working in various food service positions, and also watching my parents cook nearly every meal I ate growing up! (We didn’t really do take-out a lot!) I have divided the recipes up to be able to navigate a little easier based on what you’re looking for. I have included breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes along with sides drinks and desserts to go along with those entrees. Please, if you are looking for a specific meal or entree, let me know!! Although my goal is to put all my recipes up, I couldn’t possibly cover every type of food!!

My contact page is just that…I beg and plead with you to send feedback to me regarding any section of my website!! This is where you can send me suggestions for recipes, or for a new format, or suggestions about new content. Any and all feedback is welcome!!

On the left column of my page I have included diffent sites that I am affiliated with. Many of the sites that are mentioned previously have been linked for you to check out!! There is also a “Guest Book” for you to sign letting me know how much you love me!! Just kidding, but seriously leave me a quick note!!