You’ve all heard the saying, “A pictures worth a 1000 words”…and there are pictures that are taken that make those words just endlessly flow.  One such photo was taken just a couple days ago, and it truly captures just how blessed I am.

RelaxingHolmes Family Relaxing

Here’s what I mean.  It’s these early years in their life, capturing the moments that they will remember for a lifetime.  My hubby happened to capture a moment when we were all together, getting along, not crying and just basically enjoying each others company.  For those of you with kids, you know that moments like this are sometimes few and far between. But there’s another element that I notice whenever I see this photo…our personalities.

My youngest and my hubby, both contently watching the TV, taking it all in.  Both of them are laid back and relaxed, quiet…just content. Then there’s my oldest son and I…both doing something other than just taking in the moment.  My oldest undoubtedly telling us all something very important, as you can see there were probably some hand motions involved. And I, clicking away on that darn phone.

So what’s the point of this post, other than to show you how beautiful my family is, and how blessed we are?  Savor the moments you have with your family.  Whether they are getting on your last nerve, or you are quietly watching TV together.  Some of you noticed a recent status on my Facebook about siblings and enjoying them while you can…it’s true.  My chance to truly enjoy my sibling what cut short at a very young age.  I as a woman, wife, mother and friend…intend to create such moments that can truly be remembered as fond memories, and I hope and pray that my boys will be able to enjoy each other their whole lives!

~Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. {Unknown}