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Welcome to SarahMarieHolmes.com!! Here is my place to share with you all my passions, including family, food and fun!! I’m a stay at home mother of two, and wife to an amazing husband, father, son, grandson, web developer, graphic designer, Army sergeant, and skills trainer!! Yep, he does it all folks! So needless to say he has built me this awesome site to pool together all my passions and share them with you!!

  • Mommy 100%
  • Wife 100%
  • Friend 100%

Grew Up

I grew up in Northern Indiana, attended and graduated Purdue University (2009) and got married right after to that amazing husband! Shortly after we welcomed our son to our small family. He is his father’s namesake and his little shadow. We will be welcoming soon another member to our family!!


One of my greatest passions in life, after my family of course, is food!! I’m excited to use this space to share recipes I have found online or have created or modified in some way. I try to give credit where credit is due, so if I find a recipe online, I will try to link it to it’s original site so you can check it out yourself. Another of my greatest hobbies is wine. While attending Purdue, a friend and I took a wine tasting class…yep!! Leave it up to the Boilermakers to find a way to drink in class…and get credit for it!! While it’s more than just tasting wine, and writing out some notes, I did learn quite a lot about wine, their origins, and how to pair them with food. Most of my entree recipes will have a simple suggestion for pairing that meal with wine.


Enough about me…even though it is my site. As mentioned above, my awesome husband is a jack of all trades. There isn’t much he hasn’t done, or at least tried to do! With all his training, received both professionally and self taught, he has started and maintained his own photography business for nearly 15 years now. Holmes Photography is another passion we love sharing together. We photograph pretty much anything, weddings, families, food, nature, etc. Many if not all of the photos up on my site are compliments of Holmes Photography. Check us out at HolmesPhotographyStudio.com!!

Currently my husband is not only working 40+ hours outside of the home, being an awesome father of two, and maintaining his own photography business, but he is working on expanding our small photography business to include skills and trades such as graphic design, web development, video services, and catering. We, along with a few business partners, are working to combine all these trades into one business, VoidMind Studios. Check us out at VoidMindStudios.com, but remember, we are under construction!!


I love hearing feedback, and hope to start quite a following with my blog, recipes, and pictures that will be posted periodically. I encourage you to you email me, or contact me somehow and let me know how I’m doing!! Suggestions for food are always welcome, and I will try to respond in a timely manner, but remember, we are a young family, and finding time to sit down at the computer is not always the easiest task!! I hope you enjoy what you see, and offer up some suggestions!!

Recent Entries

Some of my most recent entries on my site!

Junk Mail Coupons

What day is it!?  What DAY is it!  HUMP Day!!  Oh man, that commercial is so annoying, but whoever created it sure knows how to get something stuck in your brain!  Anyways, there's another reason I look forward to Wednesdays each week.  Noon is usually nap time at our...

iPod Lawn Mower fixer-upper!

I am feeling so blessed today!  We had such wonderful weather for this amazing holiday, Memorial Day!  I would personally like to thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and didn't get to make it home.  This day is for you! Also a huge thanks to anyone and...

I knew this would happen…

Hey all, It's been such a crazy couple weeks, highs were awesome, lows sucked, but guess what!?  I'm back!!  It's been a while since I posted anything, but I've got a few things I want to put up, so stay tuned!! Not going to lie, I had to set an alarm on my phone to...

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