Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year!  Growing up we were always involved in the choirs at church, and constantly getting together with family and friends in various locations, sharing delicious foods that we only got to enjoy at this time of year. We always enjoyed admiring the beautiful decorations both inside and out too!!  The music that was all around was so cheerful, and it just seemed like everyone was in a little more cheerful mood!

However, the older I get and more my family has grown through marriages, children and close friends the gift giving has become more of a daunting chore than an enjoyable experience.  So the past few holiday seasons, thanks to the multitude of DIY websites on the internet, there are so many options for creating a very personal, inexpensive and useful gifts for everyone!

One such idea that I made for Christmas 2013 was a hand embroidered makeup pouch.  Now, don’t get too intimidated…I used nothing more than a needle, thread, a print out of a monogram from my own computer and a makeup pouch from the Dollar Store! After looking through pretty much all the fonts on my computer, I found one that I really liked.  I was looking for one that didn’t have too many detached parts too it. In other words one that if I myself were writing it, I wouldn’t have to pick my pen up too many times to complete the letter.

1. Print the desired letter on regular paper in a pretty big size font. I used a 96 size font.
2. Trim excess paper away from the letter, but not getting too close to the letter. Tape the paper to makeup pouch in the desired location.
3.  Using the needle poke small holes through the fabric outlining the letter.
4. Remove the paper from the pouch, thread your needle and using a back stitch, start embroidering the letter by following the prepared holes. Start your stitch from the inside of the pouch and ending in the pouch so that any tails that are left are hidden.


Using a few other embellishments, I decorated the pouch and filled it with small gifts also from the Dollar Store. These bags I filled with a nail polish, small tube of lotion, nail file, and chap stick.  In all each bag cost me about $5!!  I made several of these pouches for various family members. It is a very inexpensive yet personalized gift!