What day is it!?  What DAY is it!  HUMP Day!!  Oh man, that commercial is so annoying, but whoever created it sure knows how to get something stuck in your brain!  Anyways, there’s another reason I look forward to Wednesdays each week.  Noon is usually nap time at our house, so I’m running around doing all those things that I couldn’t get done in the morning while the kids were awake.

I take my sweet time walking our short driveway out to the mail box to go see what bills were sent, and if I’m lucky, an actual piece of mail created and sent by a real live actual human, maybe even hand written!  And then there’s something else I look for.  All wadded up in half, covering and hiding all my “actual” mail is this huge flyer of Junk Mail Coupons!!  Yep, that’s right!

I flip through and see what advertisements someone has wasted 1000’s  of trees on printing, and tons of wildly saturated colored ink designs just to try and catch one person’s eye and actually fall for the “offer of the day”. There’s usually the DirecTV ad, an ad for life insurance for only pennies a day, and then…there they are…COUPONS!!  Among all this junk mail is our very own golden tickets.

Every week we usually receive at least one full page of coupons to one of the many fast food places we swear we aren’t going to eat at. But if you have a coupon, who can resist, right!?  Haha, well their ploy works!  So this week’s Junk Mail Coupons are a little slim, but great coupons nonetheless!  Take a look, and if you don’t have your own Junk Mail Coupon Day, maybe you can scour the internet or their websites and see where you can get your hands on your own golden tickets!

This week’s Junk Mail Coupons:

Oh, and just in case you missed it, here’s the Hump Day Camel video for your viewing pleasure!