Sarah Marie Holmes

Just trying to be the best frugal mommy that I can be!

I am a loving mom that requires coffee!

Sometimes Dunkin Donuts is my sanctuary, but the rest of the time my children and husband are my world!

Kenny William Lee

Our impetious little man. Give him a project and he will figure it out.  He is our oldest, and he is who made me a mommy!  

Bradley Roland

The tank.  He destroys everything, but he will do it with a smirk and a smile, and an, “I love you Mamma!”

Addison Marie

She’s our last. Addison is a cutie and she knows it!  She loves being an enforcer to all the rules that Mommy and Daddy set for the boys!

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Cool Recipes

Make sure to come back often for some cool recipes that we make in our house.  Friendly to children. Meals that will impress, and so much more!  

We do fun

I take and make crafts for everyone to love and enjoy!  And a lot of what I do utilizes the everyday things in my house to make that happen! 

Holmes House

Latest From My Blog

My Blog consists of my adventures, my recipes that I like and want to share, and so much more…

Skinny Mini Pizzas!!

If there's one thing our family cannot's PIZZA!!!  Especially my oldest son!  I'm pretty sure he would eat it every day all day! So the other day for lunch he asks if he can have some pizza...and my shoulders just fell, cause we had just eaten our last...

Sugar Scrubs

So I tried my hand, my rough and dry hands, at my own sugar scrub.  To my surprise, most of the instructions I found online were super easy, and I already had all the ingredients in my pantry.  Now before you go assuming that my pantry is full of all these exotic...

I knew this would happen…

Hey all, It's been such a crazy couple weeks, highs were awesome, lows sucked, but guess what!?  I'm back!!  It's been a while since I posted anything, but I've got a few things I want to put up, so stay tuned!! Not going to lie, I had to set an alarm on my phone to...

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