Just wanted to let you all know that I will be starting a four part series about different areas that women are currently holding positions of authority. I will be discussing my thoughts and beliefs on women holding positions in politics, military, religion and work place.

My four part series will be simultaneously posted only blog and on FreedomSystem.org. Just as a note about my figure posts, it is not my intent to write about touchy subjects such as this. I will be putting this series as a debate series so if you have any thoughts to add or comments to share, please feel free!

Before I start this series, I think everyone should know that I am not a feminist, however I do believe there are roles in life, religion, military, politics, work place, etc. that are best held by women. Throughout this series I may make reference to some Bible passages. ¬†Please, as you read these posts, read them with an open mind, remembering that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and they sometimes need a place to air their thoughts. I always welcome discussion, however, I do not welcome, nor will I condone anyone putting down or judging anyone else’s opinions or comments.¬† With that being said, lets dive into this series!

Thanks…and keep checking back!