If there’s one thing our family cannot resist…it’s PIZZA!!!  Especially my oldest son!  I’m pretty sure he would eat it every day all day! So the other day for lunch he asks if he can have some pizza…and my shoulders just fell, cause we had just eaten our last frozen pizza a few days earlier.  So, with my quick cat-like mommy reflexes, I jumped into action! After scouring through the pantry to see what we could possibly have to make something that was even close to pizza, we found the perfect ingredients, and the perfect size for a 3 1/2 year old! We started out with some sandwich skinnies… SkinnyPizza2 …then added the appropriate pizza toppings! My three year old isn’t big into many toppings on his pizza, although he will eat just about anything on it!  So we opted to just have cheese pizza.  We used tomato paste as our sauce… SkinnyPizza3   …then topped with cheese!  And Voila!  We had the perfect size pizza, and it was fairly healthy!  Phew!  So glad I was able to find enough ingredients to make our little man happy!   P.S. I would have gotten a picture of the little man enjoying his lunch but he pretty much gobbled it up before I could snap any photos!