So I tried my hand, my rough and dry hands, at my own sugar scrub.  To my surprise, most of the instructions I found online were super easy, and I already had all the ingredients in my pantry.  Now before you go assuming that my pantry is full of all these exotic ingredients, think again!  I shop at Aldi’s most days and can occasionally find the one strange ingredient that I need for a recipe, however I usually only buy the staples.

So the first scrub that I found was from Michelle Phan’s site and this is probably my favorite! Her recipe can be found here. I took her instructions and tweaked them just a little to fit what supplies I had!

I took all the ingredients and put them in a half-pint canning jar. Mixed it all up, closed it up and decorated the outside with some fancy ribbon and small square of fabric!  I used this one, and wow!!  It is a great exfoliate and really moisturized my skin! I love it!

The other one I tried is a Vanilla Almond Brown Sugar scrub that can be found here. This one is a little more of a moisturizer than an exfoliate, but nonetheless, I love this one cause it just feels good, and it’s all natural!  I mixed all the ingredients in my food processor until it came to the consistency that I wanted, then spooned it into a half pint canning jar and decorated!

I love these homemade scrubs because you can usually find all the ingredients in your pantry, it’s hard to mess up the recipe while you’re mixing it (you can always add a little more of this or that until it’s how you want it), and they all work so well, saving you money in the long run!  These scrubs can be SOOO expensive to buy in the stores!

Let me know what your favorite scrub is, and we’ll add it to the list! Hope you enjoy these two recipes!